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Stern Pinball’s Upcoming Venom Topper Appears to be Based on Venomized Ghost Rider

Updated: Oct 7

Now that people have started receiving their Venom Limited Edition pinball machines in their homes, they've started poking around in the game's settings and code...and finding secrets.

Not only does it appear that Venom's upcoming official topper activates a special mode in the game, it looks like the player fights a Venomized version of the Marvel character Ghost Rider in the mode.

Kudos to Venom ultra-fan Hadi of Frisco Pinball for giving me the heads up about these awesome nuggets in the game. I can't wait to see what a Venomized Ghost Rider looks like on the tooper. Below is an article that talks about the history of Ghost Rider and Venom.

Venom Merging with Ghost Rider Was Marvel's Ultimate Nightmare Fuel

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