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Stern Pinball Shifts James Bond Production from Pro to Limited Edition

Stern Pinball's George Gomez was a guest on this afternoon's broadcast of PinTech Live, the pinball parts retailer Marco Specialties' pinball show. During the stream, George stated that Stern Pinball has shifted James Bond production from Pro Edition to Limited Edition machines. Bond Pros have begun popping up on location all across the country over the past two weeks. Customers who have ordered Bond LEs should begin receiving them soon.

Also during the interview, George shared a video of his original prototype for the James Bond flying jetpack dude in the game, made using a GI Joe figure.

Here's a picture of the original James Bond jetpack guy prototype, which the Bond licensor rejected because "the eyebrows were too bushy."

Here's one of the early prototypes of the James Bond rocket assembly:

Those who are interested can check out the interview on Marco's Facebook page:

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