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Stern Pinball Streams JAWS Pro Gameplay

The other day Stern Pinball streamed gameplay of its JAWS Premium / LE layout on its YouTube channel. The stream was excellent, but it left many people wondering what the gameplay is like on JAWS Pro. Ask and ye shall receive. Last night the fine folks at Stern were back, this time with a JAWS Pro stream as requested. I have embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

The Pro machines are the ones that we will start to see at most locations very soon, so take a peek at it now and learn the rules so you can kick your friends' butts, at least at first lol.

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1 Comment

The cabinet/translite art on the Pro is much better than the one on the premium. Pity it's missing the Orca mini playfield but on the other hand it makes the game flow even better 😉

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