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Stern Pinball to Run James Bond & Godzilla Premiums in Early 2023; Announces Elvira Premium Pricing

This morning, the fine folks at The Pinball Network gave us an early Christmas or timely Hanukkah present (depending upon which you celebrate) in the form of a new episode of The Pinball Show podcast.

During the episode, Zach Meny gave us a great update on Stern Pinball's production schedule. Stern is scheduled to do its first run of the new James Bond Premium pinball machine in mid- to late-January.

It's possible that Stern is going to sprinkle in some James Bond Pros or its new still yet to be officially revealed Keith Elwin James Bond single-level 60th Anniversary game in January as well.

During the first half of February, Stern is going to do a BIG production run of its still massively back-ordered Godzilla Premium. Elvira Premium is going back on the production line during the second half of February and into March. It has been a long two years since Stern produced Elvira Premiums, though the Company did slide in a run of the super fancy Elvira 40th Anniversary machines in during that period.

On a related note, Stern Pinball finally officially revealed the new price of Elvira Premium...$10,499, up from the game's original $8,399. Even with some customers cancelling their orders after the price increase, the next run of Elvira only represents around 30% of the order backlog at the distributor Flip N Out Pinball. It is possible that Stern will do another run of Elvira Premiums in 2024.

March should bring us the next Stern Cornerstone machine.

April will bring more James Bond Pro and Premium machines.

Surprisingly, word is that Stern is going to produce Iron Maiden Pro and Premium machines in May.

June supposedly will bring more James Bond and Godzilla Pros and Jurassic Park Premiums.

The Pinball Show Ep 119: Big Gifts, Big Prizes, & Big Stern Production Updates

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