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Stern Pinball Unveils Teaser for Next Game

Power outages and breaking news are not a great combination lol. I’m sitting here in my car charging my phone when all of a sudden, Boom Stern Pinball dropped the teaser for its next cornerstone game…the long-rumored James Bond.

The short video clip didn’t really contain any information about the game. It played the iconic James Bond song along with the words 007 “Shaking Soon.” Rumors have said that this theme was originally given to Steve Ritchie before he left Stern Pinball for Jersey Jack and that when he left, Stern scrapped his design and George Gomez took over as lead designer.

I’ll share more information whenever I have it…if my power ever comes back on :) .

UPDATE: Stern’s new James Bond pin will go on sale one week from today. Next Tuesday at 10:00 AM Central Time Stern is going to sell a limited number of 007 LE machines directly to Stern All-Access members on its website:

"In exactly 007 days there will be a very limited number of James Bond LE pinball machines available to purchase on the Stern Store!"

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