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New Private Label Stern Pinball NFT-Themed Pinball Machine Makes Debut

Last night an unusual NFT-themed pinball machine named "Escape from the Megaverse" made its public debut at Barcade in New York City. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what this is. The machine appears to be exactly the same as Stern Pinball's Heavy Metal private-label game. Word is that this is an official private-label production run made by by Stern Pinball, despite the fact that Stern recently said that it does not currently have any plans to do any runs like this. Of course, money talks and it looks like they did.

There's no word on who the artist for the game was, how many will be produced or if it will be available for sale. As far as the theme goes, much to my oldest son's chagrin, I'm definitely not a fan of NFTs or crypto so this one isn't in my wheelhouse. Perhaps there's someone out there who's less risk-averse than I who knows more about this project? If so, I'm curious to hear more.

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Nov 03, 2023

The debut of a new private label Stern Pinball machine themed around NFTs is a fascinating development that showcases how the digital and physical realms can complement and enhance each other. This innovative approach to pinball machine design not only caters to the nostalgia of arcade enthusiasts but also taps into the zeitgeist of modern digital collectibles. It's a move that may pique the interest of those involved in cryptocurrency trading, particularly on platforms like LeveX, where users are already familiar with the digital asset space. By bringing the virtual trend of NFTs into the tactile world of pinball, Stern Pinball may attract a new demographic of collectors, blending the excitement of arcade gaming with the speculative thrill that comes…

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