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Strong Demand Leads American Pinball To Build Legends of Valhalla Classic

After my recent article about all of the great things that are happening at American Pinball (, The Super Awesome Pinball Show podcast aired a new interview with company’s David Fix and Ryan McQuaid that basically confirmed everything that I had said about the company and provided some very interesting bits of new information.

First and foremost, American stated in the episode that there has been such significant demand for its latest game, Legends of Valhalla (LOV), that plans to build a Classic edition (the equivalent of a Standard or Pro Edition from other manufacturers) of the game after the 500 unit run of Deluxe Edition games are proceeding. Specifically, David Fix said that American has a list of interested customers that is twice the original release amount of LOV Deluxe for the Classic model already even though the exact details for a Classic, such as pricing and features have yet to be announced. The company plans to manufacture LOV Classics on its new 3rd assembly line once the Deluxe run is complete.

I‘m considering ordering a LOV Classic myself. I’ve had such positive interactions with the folks at American and I love their unique approach to things that I very badly want to see them succeed.

Speaking of American’s new 3rd assembly line, they stated in the interview that the company is planning to build a 4th assembly line in 2023.

Also of note from the podcast, American stated that the company’s upcoming Barry Oursler game is not the Deeproot title Food Truck as had been rumored, but a completely new design that he developed specifically for American in the six months prior to his passing. I’m personally really looking forward to seeing Barry’s final work come to life.

Last but not least, American also stated that the company is developing a line of physical mods for its pinball machines that will improve or change gameplay. The first of those the mods that is in development is for Oktoberfest and it supposedly will improve the game’s reliability. Two other physical mods are also in development, one for Houdini and one for Hot Wheels.

One final note that wasn’t mentioned in the podcast, according to what I’m hearing the rumor that Dennis Nordman’s upcoming game is White Wafter 2 aka Yukon Yeti is completely wrong. I’m hearing that it’s completely new IP unrelated to any previous games.

If you haven’t listened to the yesterday’s episode of The Super Awesome Pinball Show podcast, I highly encourage you to do so. It was fantastic. Super Awesome and The Pinball Network’s the Pinball Show are the cream of the crop of pinball podcasts for bringing the public accurate and timely news on the hobby. I‘m a huge fan of the Slam Tilt and Eclectic Gamers podcasts as well. Here’s a link to the episode that I mentioned above:

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