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2019 SUMMER ARCADE TOUR STOP 2: Penn Skate Arcade Allentown, Pennsylvania (June 2019)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

My youngest son had a lacrosse tournament at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University today, which just so happens to be a short 20 minute hop to the incredible Penn Skate Arcade. So after a long exhausting day, I cashed in my Father’s Day chips to stop by

Chris Budinetz was a fantastic host, literally opening the arcade up and turning on the games for us when we got there. My wife, son and I had the arcade entirely to ourselves. Is there anything better than that?

As you can see from the pictures, I finally got a chance to play American Pinball’s Oktoberfest. I have to say, my family and I really liked it. It’s a super fun game. It has a ton of shots and a bunch of modes. I was VERY pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it. My wife wasn’t all that keen on the theme but we all had a blast playing it. It definitely was the pin that we all went back to most, which is saying something. I’d say that it won the day. Chris said that the pin has been very reliable too.

I also corrected my previous error of not playing BMX on my last trip to Penn Skate. It’s really cool. The magnet that throws the ball on the upper playfield was surprising. Having seen BMX streamed before (I think by PAPA), I remembered that the lower playfield was death...and it certainly is lol.

Trying to focus on unusual games that I haven’t played before, or at least much, we also spent a lot of our time on Skateball. Cool pin. One thing that’s really neat about Penn Skate is the theme appropriate games. It has an abundance of skateboarding and bike games, the aforementioned BMX and Skateball, Bally Radical, 720, a skating simulator, even games like Ivan Stewart’s Off Road and Blackwater 100 fit.

At $10/person for unlimited play Penn Skate is an fantastic bargain and a great time. If you find yourself in the Allentown, PA area, it’s a must visit.

Here’s a link to Penn Skate’s Facebook page:

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