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Super Rare Spider-Man Arcade Redemption Prototype Has Popped Up for Sale

Given how closely I follow the arcade and pinball industries, it's not often that a game pops up that I have never, ever seen before. Well, here's one. A prototype redemption game called "The Amazing Spider-Man Adventure Alley" popped up for sale on Facebook today. At first I thought that this was a pinball-style game, but upon closer inspection it appears to be a coin-roller game, sort of like the 2006 machine "Simpsons Kooky Carnival" that Stern Pinball manufactured back in 2006.

Below is the description from the ad, which is looking to get $2,000 for the machine:

"Used once. Ticket redemption. I believe this is the prototype . It doesn’t look like they ever followed through with production. This may be the only one made making it super rare and collectible . This game works 100%. It takes quarters and gives tickets. A box of tix is also included. I also have a spider man mirrored claw game is I. Newark nj"

Below is a link to the ad as well. Has anyone ever seen this game before. I Googled it and I didn't see a thing. I'd love to know the story behind this.

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