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Tentative Stern Pinball Production Schedule for the Second Half of 2023

Man, those folks at The Pinball Show podcast sure take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Fresh on the heels of back surgery, Zach Meny was back at it with his co-host Dennis Kriesel, recording a new episode on New Year's Day. Hitting the virtual airwaves last night, the show contained great information on Stern Pinball's production schedule for the second half of 2023.

In case you missed it, here's my previous article on Stern's production for 1H 2023:

Stern Pinball to Run James Bond & Godzilla Premiums in Early 2023; Announces Elvira Premium Pricing

Now onto the second half of the year:

7/2023: Avengers Infinity Quest Pro & Premium

8/2023: Star Wars Pro & Premium

9/2023: Blank (New Cornerstone Perhaps?)

10/2023: Jurassic Park Pro

11/2023: Godzilla Premium

Mandalorian Pro & Premium

12/2023: Deadpool Pro & Premium

Interestingly, Stern does not currently have any planned runs of Rush pinball machines yet in 2023. Of course, that is subject to change.

As George Gomez mentioned in a recent interview, add to the above schedule two new Stern cornerstone from Brian Eddy (rumored to be Venom) and one from Jack Danger (rumored to be Foo Fighters or He-Man).

Also of note, James Bond Pros and Premiums should be on the Stern production line as soon as they get back from Winter Break. It is possible that Stern produces the new 60th Anniversary Edition James Bond that was officially revealed this morning in January or February.

I have included a link to this week's Pinball Show podcast below for anyone who wants to check it out:

The Pinball Show Ep 120 Part 1: The Meat

Feel better Zach!

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