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Texas Pinball Setup is Underway, Main Doors Open at 4:00 PM Today

It's a big weekend in the world of pinball, the annual Texas Pinball Festival is underway! Booths were being set up yesterday and this morning. The tournaments and a few seminars have already started and the main show floor opens up this afternoon at 4:00 PM Centeal time.

Like last year, we have our on-the-scene reporter sending back pictures and news from the event for all of us to enjoy. I don't expect there to be news like the avalanche of announcements that we saw at TPF 2023, but there's tons of new games on the door for people to check out, including Barrels of Fun's Labrynth, Multimorphic's Princess Bride, Chicago Gaming Company / Raw Thrills' Pulp Fiction, American Pinball's Barry O's Barbeque Challenge, Stern Pinball's Jaws, Spooky Pinball's Looney Tunes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Turner Pinball's Ninja Eclipse. I've seen multiple machines for each being set up in the pictures that Jason has sent back for us (see below).

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