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That's a lot of Candles! Yankee Candle Heir's Home Arcade and Mansion.

I haven't done a good old surprise home arcade in a mansion that's for sale post in a while. I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning and I checked out an article about the home of the founder of the Yankee Candle Company that recently went on the market. Naturally it was the headline that caught my eye...

Built by the late founder of Yankee Candle Co., a 60-acre portion of the estate—with an indoor water park, an arcade and two car barns—is hitting the market for $23 million

The arcade looks pretty solid, particularly for what is likely a non-collector. Let's see, there's an always cool Star Wars Trilogy, a couple of linked drivers like Arctic Thunder and Cruis'n World, air hockey, Skee-Ball, linked Hoops Games, and an impressive 8 pinball machines. I'm having a hard time telling what titles the pins are though, the first one on the left looks like Monster Bash, next to it is Jack Bot. Maybe No Goof Gophers as the first pin on the right side and of course Demo Man as the last pin in that row. Ooh, I just noticed Elvira and the Party Monsters peeking over the balcony. Apparently this is a two story arcade. Hmmmm. OK, even more impressive. I'm stumped on the rest. They all look like 90's era Bally - Williams DMD machines.

You sure have to sell a s*** ton of candles to have Hall and Oates come perform for your friends in your own personal banquet hall LOL. Besides the aforementioned arcade and car barn, the mansion has an indoor bowling alley, indoor basketball court, indoor tennis court, movie theater several pools, and on and on. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't see any pictures of an indoor waterpark.

I used to love looking at pictures of homes like this. I still do, but at this point in my life something about a home that's this extravagant strikes me as being kind of wasteful. I digress. Speaking of candles, my wife burns scented candles all the time, but I would never personally buy them and would go as far as to say that I'd rather not burn them I'm a fan of a good old fire pit, but scented candles are for the birds.

It Was a Three-Bedroom Colonial. Now, This Rural Massachusetts Property Feels Like ‘Disneyland.’

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