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Annoying, Mysterious Puzzle Has Finally Been Solved...Let the Countdown Begin

Well, I'm annoyed with myself for getting sucked into what is likely a bunch of nonsense LOL, but...the mysterious puzzle that has been up on Deeproot Pinball's website has finally been solved. A Pinsider named "Seraph" did all sorts of wild stuff that I don't understand and solved it, triggering a congratulatory message and causing a countdown clock to begin ticking.

Out of curiosity, I just called the phone number that is listed in the message. It rings and upon answer a robotic message says "It's a secret to everybody." Beyond that, the number shows up as being in Angel Fire, New Mexico. I highly doubt that location is correct and I'm not paying a website to find out who owns the number. If anyone out there has an account that lets them search for stuff like that, let me know. My brother used to, but sadly that is no longer an option. My son might know how to do it. I'll ask.

So we have less than ten days remaining until whatever random Pinside member who's screwing with all of us posts something disappointing on the site, like a link to a Rick Roll or something like that. Naturally, in the unlikely event that this ends up being anything real and noteworthy I will let everyone know here.

Here's a link to the Pinside thread that all this went down in for anyone who's interested:

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