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The Dragon's Lair License May Not Have Been Approved for Pinball Yet

A few minutes ago, an individual who goes by the username "TreyBo69" posted on Pinside that he reached out to Digital Leisure to see if a license to manufacture a pinball machine using the Dragon's Lair intellectual property has officially been secured yet. According to the response from the company that he shared, it appears as though while there has been discussions between the Dragon's Lair pinball project and the company, no licensing agreement has been agreed to yet.

This certainly doesn't mean that an agreement between the two parties won't be reached. Tons of homebrew games are built prior to reaching a licensing agreement. If the Dragon's Lair pinball project comes up with some cool prototypes, I could see this game being picked up by someone like American Pinball or possibly even manufactured in conjunction with Pedretti Gaming, but until an agreement is officially reached it goes without saying that it would be incredibly risky to fund this project via Kickstarter.

Another thing to keep in mind is this is all secondhand information. It seems to be real and I am leaning towards believing it, but one never knows.

Below is the supposed response from Digital Leisure:

"The response I received:

Thanks for reaching out. The person you mention has reached out to Digital Leisure and Dragon’s Lair LLC (the licensing arm for all things Dragon’s Lair) but has yet to secure any license. They have simply presented their ideas for the project, but nothing firm has been agreed to.

I have forwarded your email to the DL LLC as they would be direct point of contact for such a project and will follow up with the individual posting to the Facebook group.

Thanks for the details.

Best Regards,

Paul Gold

Digital Leisure"

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