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The Electric Playground Teases New Godzilla Topper; Announces Second Twilight Zone Topper Run

This afternoon the new pinball topper company, The Electric Playground, provided a new video update on a number of its products.

They just shipped the final 10 units of the first batch of its first product, the fancy Twilight Zone Topper. The second batch of its Twilight Zone Topper will be available on June 6th for customers on the waiting list for one and a small batch for sale on its website.

The Electric Playground also revealed its next product, a new aftermarket Topper for Godzilla. The Godzilla Topper will be available in two trim levels, the Player Edition and the Challenger Edition. The Player Edition will have all the LEDs and acrylics but will not have the mechanical elements for sub-$900. The Challenger version will have all the bells and whistles and cost a few hundred dollars more.

A 3D alien console expansion for the Toppers called the "Conqueror Upgrade" will be available for sale for both units.

The Electric Playground's waitlist for the Toppers is open right now. Interested parties can reserve one with no deposit required. The official on sale date for the Godzilla Topper is August with delivery in September.

"This topper is still in development. Below is the current feature list. This list will be updated prior to our public sale in August 2023. Shipping is schedule to begin on early orders in September 2023.


  • 10 screen printed (direct to plastic) cast acrylic panel featuring original artwork.

  • 100+ LEDs externally powered and activated by various gameplay features; turns on when you turn on your machine.

  • 4 interactive lights connected to the monster monitor inserts in the playfield, indicating your destruction progress as you move between the 4 cities.

  • Spinning “spike wheel” activated by the Raid monster monitor light insert. [ Challenger Edition Only ]

  • Raising and lowering “alien mothership” and additional flame light shows activated by the Planet X light insert. Settings to adjust the height for lower ceilings. [ Challenger Edition Only ]

  • Animated flame light show sequenced with each of the monster monitor inserts.

  • Heat-ray light show activated by the center spinner.

  • All editions compatible with the future release of the “Conqeror Upgrade” alien console. Additional purchase necessary.

  • Mounts securely to top of the machine using existing holes and provided hardware mounts and screws.

  • Simple to connect using six (6) light sensor and (1) T-Tap connector on the underside of the playfield. No special tools, wire cutting or soldering required.

  • Detailed installation guide, 30-45 minute installation.

  • Carefully packaged in a custom collectors box.

  • All parts include a warranty on operation for 120 days from the day your product ships to you. 

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA."

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