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The Fantastic Golden State Pinball Festival is This Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! If you’re in California, make sure to check out one of the fastest growing pinball festivals in the World this weekend - The Golden State Pinball Festival. This year’s event is shaping up to be the biggest yet, as of yesterday they had 344 pinball machines coming with more still being added! Heck even the building that they hold the show in is super cool (pictures below).

In addition to the massive number of games on free play, this year’s show features tons of vendors, a silent auction, raffle, Tournaments and a Saturday night outdoor showing of “The Man Who Saved Pinball” the Roger Sharpe biopic.

The event is being held in Lodi, California. Doors to the show open on Friday, May 17th at 1:00 PM and it runs all weekend.

Below is a link to the show’s website for anyone who’s interested:

A picture from yesterday of setup for this year’s show:

Pictures from last year’s show:

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May 17

making me miss my old stomping grounds!! I really need to get down there and check out, before it turns into a burning man, lol. Seriously I heard from a college bud that the outdoor pinball/camping scene is pretty epic. Badass looking building and better than a big box imo.


I wouldn't mind being stuck in a Lodi this weekend.

Replying to

For sure. It looks awesome.

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