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The First Chance in America to Play the New Queen Pinball Machine

Late last night, the Super Awesome Pinball Show dropped its latest episode. Man those guys have been on a roll…first they interviewed Stern Pinball’s George Gomez, then they interviewed the folks from American Pinball and in today’s episode they interview the founder of Jersey Jack Pinball, Jack GuarnierI. Talk about heavy hitters with great information! I’ve gotten so many amazing scoops for posts from these interviews lately.

I‘m going to talk about the Jack interview in another post, but first here’s a little tidbit that they snuck into the episode right before it. The fine folks at the Pennsylvania distributor Cointaker along with the Super Awesome Pinball Show are throwing a tailgate party on Saturday September 24th. The party will have games on Free Play, food AND…

Sneakily mentioned in the ad in super fast talk, almost like a disclaimer ”Just Added: your first chance in America to play Pinball Brothers Queen pinball machine.” So cool! I’ve already got my ticket to the event, so family stuff permitting, I’ll be there to take pictures and report back to everybody here about the game.

Here’s a link to the Super Awesome Pinball Show’s latest episode for those of you who want to check it out:

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