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The First New Pedretti Gaming FunHouse Remake on Location!

The awesome distributor PinballSTAR Amusements announced this afternoon that it has received its first shipment of the brand new Pedretti Gaming FunHouse Remake pinball machines. The exciting part about this is that Joe Newhart, PinballSTAR's owner, has decided to put a FunHouse Classic Edition machine on the floor at The Pinball Gallery in Malvern, Pennsylvania for the public to check out.

While I haven't been there in a couple of years, I used to hit up The Pinball Gallery all the time back in the day because my oldest son had a ton of club lacrosse tournaments in the area. I was there enough between the tournaments and when my brother used to live down there that I used to joke with the owners that I should have bought an annual pass. If you haven't been, it's a must visit. According to Pinball Map, they currently have an impressive 74 pinball machines on the floor.

Kudos to Joe for putting the game out there. I've seen the new FunHouses at pinball shows, but this is the first one that I am aware of on location in the World for the public to play (if you know of any others let me know). It should be available for the public to play by mid-week.

Below are the websites for The Pinball Gallery if you want to go check them out and for PinballSTAR if you want to order a FunHouse.

I just said to myself, I bet that I have some pictures of the Pinball Gallery buried amongst the tens of thousands of arcade pictures in my phone. Sure enough, I do. So below are also pictures of the location from some visits that my wife, boys and I made all the way back in 2018. Keep in mind that both my phone and my photography skills were much worse back then lol. Keep in mind that my youngest son is now a Sophomore in high school and my oldest is a Senior at Virginia Tech. Time sure flies.



The FunHouses arriving at PinballSTAR Amusements:

Pictures of the Pinball Gallery from 2018:

Out to dinner with my brother after one of my trips to The Pinball Gallery miss you Jord…

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Pinball Traders has the LE Version of the New Funhouse remake on location at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada. This is the LE version that was shown at the NWPAF and GSPF shows earlier this year.

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