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The Mystery Redditor Was Right, Does This Mean We'll See a Boutique Stern Pinball Machine This Fall?

Back in June, we had an interesting discussion here and on Facebook about a mysterious poster in the Reddit Pinball forums who claimed that they knew about an "expensive" unknown pinball machine that "has a lot of teeth on it" coming soon from Stern Pinball. At the time the poster said that this as of yet unknown game was going to be released at San Diego Comic-Con before Stern's latest cornerstone pinball machine, Venom. That part of the rumor didn't pan out, but I'd say that the first part did rather spectacularly. Here's the exact quote:

I do know what's coming next from Stern, and it's not Venom. It's a re-release title that will be announced soon-ish. I have not seen any news on this yet, but .... it's coming. Venom/Spider-Man after that, then a Kapow/Studio type game from Stern could drop before JAWS as well...

Lets say, this game has a lot of teeth on it, and it will be expensive...

The first part coming true begs the the second part? Will we see a new Kapow / Studio smaller run type pinball machine from Stern in the fall of this year. For a while we have been talking about a mysterious hole in Stern Pinball's production schedule in November of this year. Could Stern be launching a small run, expensive pinball machine then? Will the mystery Redditor be two for two in calling upcoming Stern releases?

If they are right about the second part, what theme will this limited run pinball machine have? Will it be a low production Kapow King Kong 90th Anniversary pin designed by Keith Elwin or based upon the original never produced 1990 Data East King Kong game's layout? That rumor has been out there. Will there be another run of Stern's Stranger Things pin in November? A new Vault of another game perhaps? Some say that Jaws is next. I'm thinking that there's something to this fall studio game rumor, but time will tell.

This afternoon I went back into Reddit to see if this mysterious individual has had anything else prophetic to say lately and alas the person's account has been deleted. Farewell Mysterious Pinball Redditor. We barely knew ye.

Mysterious Redditor: Venom is not Next From Stern...Is This Possible?

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