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The New Mystery Game Revealed Today is…Replicade Golden Tee

Well, the guesses were right…today at 5:00 PM Eastern time New Wave Toys revealed that the mystery game it has been teasing is a fully functional 1/6th scale Replicade Golden Tee cabinet.

I need to preface this by saying that I’m a big Golden Tee fan, but I think that this thing looks pretty sweet. It even has the uncommon scrolling marquee topper replicated on it - that can actually be programmed with a custom message.

I believe that this is the first time that Replicade has given its repro mini cabs the ability to register a credit when physical mini coins are inserted in the coin slots. The coins then fall into a mini cash box.

The attention to detail on these cabinets looks amazing. As shown below, the machine plays six classic Golden Tee games. It is plug and play for both HD televisions and an optional full-size trackball controller.

The mini cabinet costs $249.99 without the optional larger controller and $399.99 with the controller. That sounds a little expensive at first, but they are both 20% off for orders right now. And it’s a lot cheaper way to play fully licensed Golden Tee than even Arcade1Up is. The current 1Up GT Deluxe costs five hundred bucks.

I owned an Arcade1Up Golden Tee for a while. I tricked it out with LED lights and artificial grass in front. I eventually gave it to my oldest son to use in his college apartment. He and his friends are having lots of fun with it.

During the pandemic I upgraded to a Golden Tee Go machine. I have the first generation machine that contains an internal monitor. Golden Tee Go 2.0 has no monitor and must be hooked up to a TV.

I upgraded my Go to the version 2.0 software a while ago to add more courses. About a month ago, I upgraded it to a full-fledged Golden Tee Home Edition game with online connectivity.

I also ordered an aftermarket cabinet that makes it look almost exactly like a Golden Tee pedestal with the exception that you can put a refrigerator in the bottom of it to store beer, er um I mean beverages lol. I’ll include pictures of my actual Golden Tee machines below for anyone who’s interested.

Before all of these I had a commercial Golden Tee very similar to the Replicade one, obviously bigger, that I bought from an operator in NYC.

In my humble opinion, Golden Tee is a fantastic party game or at least great to play when you have friends over. I just did a 4-player game on mine when I had friends over to the Knapp Arcade for our annual Kentucky Derby party. Some days I just go down to the basement and play a round by myself. I find it to be relaxing…unless I really screw up a Tee shot by being too aggressive lol then it’s annoying AF.

The new mini Golden Tee can be ordered on the New Wave Toys website. Orders placed today are pre-orders for estimated shipping in Q4 2024. Keep in mind though that I ordered my Eeplicade Zoltan a while ago and still haven’t gotten it so it could take longer.

Pics of Replicade Golden Tee:

Pics of my 1Up Golden Tee and Golden Tee Go:

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Totally down. This would be awesome on my 120 inch short throw projector screen.


2 days ago

I've held off on the other Replicades so far, but yeah I'm with you Jason. This one was a 'need'.

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