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The Origin of the Steve Ritchie is Making "The Matrix" Next for Jersey Jack Pinball Rumor

There's been a rumor circulating lately that Jersey Jack Pinball's next game is The Matrix. I now know how the rumor started. Back on April 29th, Jersey Jack pinball shared a social media post sharing the company's founder at the Flip-Expo pinball convention in France. In my never-ending quest for pinball arcade news, I saw the post at the time and thought to myself "Jack signing autographs in France. Next" and basically skimmed right over it. I should have taken more time to inspect the pictures. Take a look at the row of games behind Jack. The booth that he's in contains two Jersey Jack Godfathers, a Jersey Jack Pirates of the Caribbean and a one-off custom pin of The Matrix.

That Matrix pin is actually a converted 1995 Williams Johnny Mnemonic that was done a couple of years ago by Pinnovating, the same company that designed the custom Kill Bill pinball machine.

Below is the caption that Jersey Jack included with its post:

"We're in Le Tréport at Flip-Expo. Started as the show began. So many people here loving Jersey Jack Pinball games and The Godfather - More to come!"

In addition to the post from France, a little earlier that week, on April 27th, Jersey Jack Pinball shared a video featuring Keanu Reeves talking about Toy Story 4 and Duke Kaboom on its Facebook page.

So that's where the whole Steve Ritchie is making The Matrix for Jersey Jack Pinball next rumor started. Does this mean that JJP is making The Matrix? I'm not sure, but I have heard a lot of rumblings that it is indeed coming. We will see.

Pictures from the Keanu Reeves video:

The pictures from Flip-Expo:

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Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas
May 24, 2023

Well, you also talked about Jack's relationship with WB on your Harry Potter update, and The Matrix is a WB movie...

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