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The Original Pencil Sketch of Bally NBA Fastbreak Pinball

Here's something really cool, the renowned pinball designer George Gomez recently shared a picture of one of the original pencil sketches that he did while designing the 1997 Bally pinball machine NBA Fastbreak. He found it while digging through a box of old stuff. I don't know about you, but if I dug through a box of old stuff at my house, I definitely wouldn't find anything this cool lol.

As I mentioned, NBA Fastbreak was designed by George Gomez, it had art done by the famous pinball artist Kevin O'Connor and callouts by Tim Kitzrow, of NBA Jam fame. The game had a unique scoring system and was designed so that two machines could be linked enabling two players to play against each other simultaneously.

Below are the original pencil sketch of the game, a couple of pictures that I took of one on location at the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, New Jersey and the game's flyer courtesy of the great pinball history website, IPDB.

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