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THE QUEST FOR 1,000 PINS: Fall 2023 Arcade Road Trip

Every Fall for the past five years or so, my good friend Rob and I hop in the car (or fly) and travel to arcades across the country in an epic "Fall Arcade Road Trip." We have an ambitious goal for this year's visit arcades that collectively have more than 1,000 pins over the course of one long weekend. That's right...1,000 PINBALL MACHINES IN ONE WEEKEND!

The research has been done and the maps drawn (no we don't have paper maps that we use to navigate like pirates). This year's trip kicks off at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, taking us through the pinball mecca of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on to our ultimate destination of Past Times arcade in Girard, Ohio.

Over the course of the next several days, I will report back with tons of video and pictures of the rarest pinball machines and arcade games that I can find in some of the coolest arcades in the country. Make sure to keep an eye on the Knapp Arcade social media pages for real-time updates:



In celebration of the big trip, I present to you some terrible AI-generated art, featuring as my kids' friends call it the Knapp-mobile, aka Arctic Thunder my white Jeep Wrangler that we will be driving this trip and various Easter Eggs :)

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