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The Reason for Ozzy Osbourne's Appearance At Stern Pinball's Comic Con Booth

It had to be this way, Spider-Man! We're in the business of making America great again... and there's no room for you and your... punks. One last sweep... And we'll have this country all cleaned up.

Late yesterday, my friend Alex Moss brought to my attention that according to Wikipedia, Norman "Ozzy" Osborn is actually a character in a Marvel comic Earth-138. In the comic, Ozzy is the "President of America and leads to wipe out the Anarchic Spider-Man and his Spider-Army. His company Oscorp created Variable Engagement Neuro-sensitive Organic Mesh or V.E.N.O.M. which is used by the Thunderbolt Department, the police and fire department of his regime. He and his Thunderbolt Department were defeated in the battle with Spider-Punk, Spider-Punk smashing Osborn's stomach with a guitar..."

Clearly there is a link between the Marvel Venom comics and the real life rocker. I've never read this particular comic, but according to the summaries that I've found it's a Spider-Verse story in which a teenage punk rocker named Hobart “Hobie” Brown becomes Spider-Man and defeats President Norman Osborn who has basically become that world’s Venom. So it's very possible that Ozzy either does callouts in the game or possibly even provides music for it. That would be a pretty cool twist to a long rumored Venom pin.

The real-life Ozzy Osborn

The Venomized President Ozzy Osborn from the Marvel Comic

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