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The Second Largest Pinball Auction in Recent History Is Happening In October

Remember back when the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California sadly closed its doors and auctioned off all of its games? The auction was so large and contained so many rare games that it garnered national attention...and of course the prices of the machines went through the roof.

That auction was run by the California auctioneer Captain's Auction Warehouse. I recently received notification that coming up in October, Captain's is running its second largest ever pinball auction, after the aforementioned Banning collection. By my count, the company is set to auction nearly 300 pinball machines from a single large collection on Saturday, October 15th. The auction will be conducted both live at the Captain's warehouse and on-line, which makes things much more convenient for people who are not located in California, but...also will probably make the prices much higher.

I've personally been to a couple of local arcade and pinball options in person, most recently the one at Kalahari resort in the Poconos last fall, but I don't like to bid on things on-line. The prices for on-line auctions tend to be higher and you can't really inspect the things that you are bidding on very well if you don't physically see them in front of you. Having said that, I will be following this one with interest to see what sort of cool games show up and what the prices are like for future reference.

Below I've shared a few pictures of the games that I saw in the auction that I thought were cool. Scroll down to check them out. As a disclaimer, I just heard about this and thought that it sounded cool. I received no promotional consideration for mentioning it, but I would take some if anyone wanted to give it to me LOL.

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