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The Time that American Pinball Tried to Make a Prince Pinball Machine

Here's an interesting story to start your morning off with. I am listening to the new episode of the Super Awesome Pinball Show podcast (which is fantastic BTW) and the renowned pinball artist Christopher Franchi told a story about how he pitched the idea for a Prince pinball machine to American Pinball...and they actually went for it.

American had the pinball legend and licensor extraordinaire Roger Sharpe approach the estate of Prince to attempt to secure the license for a machine. The estate absolutely loved Franchi's sample pinball art for the game and was all set to do a deal. To this day, the record amount of money ever spent to secure a license for a pinball machine is the one million dollars that Joe Kaminkow and Stern Pinball spent to get the Beatles license. Well, the Prince people wanted $1.5 Million. Wha Wah... And that my friends is why there is not a Prince pin.

For more cool pinball stories and news like this, make sure to check out Christian Line, Jeff Parsons and the aforementioned Christopher Franchi on the Super Awesome Pinball Show Podcast. Click on the link below to hear their latest episode:

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