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The Worst Pinball Theme of All-Time That Almost Was - Circe’s Animal House

Back in 2015 the now defunct UK pinball company Heighway Pinball launched its first game - Full Throttle. I actually love Full Throttle as a pin. I always have a blast when playing it's unique layout. However, did you know that this pinball machine was almost called something else? Quite possibly the worst theme in a long history of strange unlicensed pinball themes...

Circe's Animal House

The theme's slogans included:

"The Oddest Odyssey you ever did see!"


"Join the Pig Society at Circe's Animal House"

Here's a description of the concept from an early brochure for the game:

"She is the Sensational Circe, the sassy seductress of myth and magic. When Ancient Greek adventurers needed a charm and a change, Circe's island was one vacation resort that nobody would ever leave. But after two thousand years, even a goddess needs to move with the times...and today, the way to a man's heart is through his liver!

Drop in at the Odyssey Bar, the awesome establishment where patrons enter on two legs and exit on four...if they're lucky. Circe herself is your mistress of ceremonies through a bevy of fabulous features, as you help her clientele to make literal beasts of themselves."

WTF is that all about?! I'm gonna say that changing the pinball machine's theme to an unlicensed motorcycle racing game was the right call. Thoughts?

Pictures of the actually released rare and oft broken Heighway Full Throttle:

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