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Happy Friday arcade and pinball folks. This week wasn't quite as eventful as the previous several from a big news perspective, but we always find cool stuff to write and talk about. Here's the latest news!

A Sneak Peek At What Stern Pinball Jaws Art Might Look Like

A tiny Peek at the Playfield for JJP's Next Game?

I always find it interesting to see what pinball machines earn well on location. Here’s the list of this month’s top games at the World Famous Rock Fantasy in Middletown, NY. Look at Mandalorian go! So much for all the criticism, that baby earns. The King of all Monsters is the King of all Pins right now.

Here are they top 15 pinball machines at Rock Fantasy for March 2022! Godzilla takes back #1! TheMunsters and Attack From Mars drop off the top 15

1 Godzilla premium 2 Rush pro 3 The Mandalorian pro 4 The Walking Dead 5 Jurrassic Park premium 6 Led Zeppelin premium 7 Black Knight Swords Of Rage 8 Gaurdians Of The Galaxy 9 Guns N Roses se jersey Jack 10 Iron Maiden premium 11 Elvira 12 Monster Bash le chicago Gaming 13 AC/DC LE 14 Metallica le 15 Batman 66

Reveal of Elite Pinball Toppers New Pirates of the Caribbean Topper

The strange history of the super rare Pinball Circus pinball machine.

The Explosive History of Demolition Man Pinball

Jersey Jack Pinball Guns N' Roses Production Ending Soon

A shot of Avengers on the line this week at Stern Pinball.

Pinball Machine Sighting! Stern Transformers and Stern Guardians of the Galaxy in this Missouri Mansion…

Amazing 260 Acre Estate In Bolivar, Missouri

Pinball Sighting! At Google's Boulder, Colorado office.

Google is trying to lure employees back into the office by making work more "fun." This section of the company's Colorado office has a Stern Spider-Man a brand-new Stern Godzilla Pro and a two slot Neo Geo.

Google is hoping to lure employees back to the office with pinball … and Lizzo

Classic arcade-game festival Zapcon will light up Mesa at its eighth annual event

Elite Pinball Toppers Teases Next Project

Last but not least, my family and I drove up to Middletown, New York this week to visit Stephen Keeler’s World Famous Rock Fantasy pinball location / music store / smoke shop and the nearby Equilibrium Brewery. We had an amazing time. I should have a full report on the trip and the new games that are available to play on location at Rock Fantasy sometime next week so stay tuned.

That's it for this week's arcade and pinball news. Thanks for reading and have a great Easter weekend if you celebrate it and a great weekend in general if you don't.

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