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Happy Friday everyone. Here's this week's News. Enjoy!

Porn and Punching Bags...The Collapse of Capcom Pinball

A Sneak Peek at the Rumored White Water 2?

Circus Maximus and Kingpin Pinball are ALIVE!

Evidence that a Jaws Pinball Machine is in the Works?

Stern Pinball's Rumored Production through August 2022

Stern pinball's April Fool's joke LOL

Multimorphic P3 Pinball Machine Estimated Wait Time is Now Over a Year. New Game in the Works.

Check out how awesome this bar made out of pinball backglasses looks. And my favorite Atari backglass art on the wall behind it. There’s tables with lit pinball playfields inside. TV screens above every pinball machine and a great 16 pin lineup. David Yopp’s new pinball bar in Memphis, Tennessee, “Flip Side,” looks awesome. It is now fully open and from the looks of recent pictures of it, Rockin’. Here’s the initial pinball lineup, courtesy of Pinball Map:

AC/DC (Pro Vault Edition) (Stern, 2017) Black Knight: Sword of Rage (Pro) (Stern, 2019) Blackout (Williams, 1980) Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy (Bally, 1975) Dirty Harry (Williams, 1995) Godzilla (Pro) (Stern, 2021) Hotdoggin' (Bally, 1979) Paragon (Bally, 1978) Royal Flush (Gottlieb, 1976) Rush (Pro) (Stern, 2022) The Six Million Dollar Man (Bally, 1978) Skateball (Bally, 1980) Spider-Man (Vault Edition) (Stern, 2016) Star Trek (Premium Vault) (Stern, 2018) Star Wars (Pro) (Stern, 2017) Wizard! (Bally, 1975)

There’s a new Pins Mechanical arcade bar in Ohio…

New in Town: Pins Mechanical Co. and 16-Bit Bar and Arcade open in Ohio City

Here’s a cool article about the growth of arcade bars in Maine…

Arcade bars take up quarters in southern Maine

Here's a neat article about the Savannah, Georgia pinball scene

Wizards unite! Pinball enthusiasts find outlets in Savannah as collectors, fans foster community

First Look at a Brand New Jaws Pinball Retheme

Check Out the Mind-Blowing Pinball Lineup at this German Pinball Bar

New Custom Grand Theft Auto Pinball Machine

Pinball and Beer, Mmmmmm. Ohio's PinBrew Festival is this weekend.

First Look at Homepin's This is Spinal Tap Pinball. Games are in Final Testing.

New Pictures of Homepin's This is Spinal Tap Playfield

A DropBox promotional video that shows behind the scenes at Stern Pinball

Pinball Machine sighting! When I read that this 3.5 Million Texas home had a "Party Barn" I said "Come On Pinball..." Sure enough there is one, only one though, a Stern KISS.

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