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TiltBob Pinball Shares New Video of Upcoming Game “Road Trip”

This weekend, TiltBob Pinball uploaded a new video of its upcoming first pinball machine, "Road Trip" to YouTube.

The video shows off version 2.0 of the game, with its new and improved art. Even better, for the first time it gives us an idea of how Road Trip will shoot. To me it looks like a widebody with good flow.

The game will not make an appearance at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival, but it will make its public debut sometime later in 2024.

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Wow! What a fresh playfield design....nothing in it reminds of another machine, very unique. Congratulations!

Just one recommendation: Make it so it doesn't have a very long ball time.


I watched a YouTube interview with "Bob", announcing this game. As skeptical as I was in the beginning (i literally almost skipped it), by the end I had completely bought in. I am ready to buy this (or just about anything he is selling), NOW. Even though I know it will be extremely hard, perhaps even a "long shot" for him (or his company) to make it, I am cheering for him and believe he can do it. Lets ALL hope so!


Don't show off games mid design. There is no upside.

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how dare you imply this isnt my real name


Way better theme than ABBA. Seriously...ABBA?!


A lot to take in here

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