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Timing for Pinball Brothers’ Next Game Announcement

Pinball Brothers and their U.S. distributor Cointaker had a big presence at this year's Texas Pinball Festival. Both of the company's pinball machines were on site, the new Queen game and their first game Alien.

If you didn't get a chance to play Queen at TPF and are in the Pennsylvania area, Cointaker has had one on location at its headquarters / event space / pinball bar in Sunbury, PA. I'm planning on heading over there in a couple of weeks to try out all of the newest pins.

Jason Young had a chance to catch up with them at this weekend's show. The first shipment of Queens has already arrived in the United States. After an initial delay, Queen pinball production is on track at the brand new joint Pinball Brothers / Pedretti Gaming Euro Pinball Corp. factory in Northern Italy.

As of today, Pinball Brothers has a tentative target of Texas Pinball Festival 2024 for the announcement of its third game, which is another licensed theme.

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