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Topper Day Part Deux: Details on Stern Pinball's Upcoming JAWS Topper

Apparently it's all toppers, all the time here at Knapp Arcade today. Which is pretty funny for a person who doesn't own a single topper for any of his games lol. I keep telling myself that the drop ceilings in my basement arcade are too low for toppers even though I've never actually tested it. I'd personally rather spend money on more games than toppers.

Julien Hamel is back, this time with analysis of the code in Stern Pinball's JAWS. I mentioned in my previous post that I've heard JAWS might have two different toppers. I don't recall where I originally heard that, but it's stuck in my head. Apparently, one of the toppers (if there even is two of them) will be made to look like the iconic Amity Island billboard that was vandalized during the first film in the JAWS series. That's a really cool idea!

Beyond the fact that the topper is a Billboard, that it has lighting and that it can be set to work in attract mode, the code doesn't provide us with a lot of information on it.

Update: Thanks to a comment by Tom Garrett on the Knapp Arcade Facebook page, we now know that the two toppers’ node boards are mentioned in JAWS’ instruction manual. It specifically mentions a “Billboard Topper” and a “Shark Attack Topper.”

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Jun 03

I’ve been awaiting the shark attack topper that many have cried for. Will shark officially eat ball? That’s the hope. Bet we see five shark types mimic the shark inserts and the great white will be a baller.


I figured the Jaws topper will have the famous billboard, but the big question will it have the “sick vandalism” on it? How cool would it be if the sign was digital and it could change from normal to vandalized based on game play!

Jun 02
Replying to

That would be neat

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