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Trademark Search Reveals American Pinball's Next Theme

Wow, pinball podcasts have been a goldmine for great pinball news lately. First we had the Super Awesome Pinball show's great American Pinball interview, then earlier today we had Loserkid's interview with Scott Danesi, both of which revealed great information. Next up is Dennis Kriesel and Tony Kurkowski‘s Eclectic Gamers Podcast (EGP). In their newest episode of EGP, Dennis and Tony revealed possibly the biggest news yet this week...

Over the past several years, pinball enthusiasts have been scouring the Trademark Office's registration database for American Pinball's potential new themes. AP just filed two new trademarks for "Galactic Tank Force" and "Galactic Star Force." I never like to be the one to let the proverbial cat out of the bag, but since these potential themes for Dennis Nordman's first American Pinball machine are now in the public domain and the Eclectic Gamers gentlemen have already discussed the subject, here you go...

To me, "Galactic Tank Force" has a very "Attack From Mars" vibe. On a related note, the much rumored potential American Pinball theme "Sherlock Holmes" has been allowed to expire. So has "Poker Run" - which eventually became the Hot Wheels pin, "Valkyies" - which is essentially Legends of Valhalla and "Robin Hood."

Here's a link to the awesome Eclectic Gamers Podcast so you can hear the entire podcast:

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