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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Pinball Expo in Chicago is in full swing today. The Stern Pinball virtual factory tour was this morning. Viewers are reporting that Stern has lots of Godzillas and a few Star Wars and Jurassic Parks on the line. In seeing all of the pictures that everyone is sharing from the show, I wanted to highlight two super cool Homebrew pinball machines that are on the floor for attendees to play.

First is the super cool Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball pinball machine made by Ryan McQuaid. If you're at Expo, you have to stop by and check this game out. There's even a high score contest running on it.

The second amazing homebrew pin, Metroid, was brought to the show by Mark Seiden. Who oh by the way was just officially hired as a designer by Jersey Jack Pinball. Congrats Mark! Man that backglass is so cool!

Stay tuned for more news from Expo as I'm able to get it. Remember the third annual Fall Arcade Road Trip (TM) is scheduled to start in a matter of hours. Keep an eye out for lots of pictures and sneak peeks at fantastic arcades in Pittsburgh, PA over the next several days!

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