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Hot off the press, two of the beta testers for the upcoming mod kit for the popular 1990 Williams pinball machine FunHouse, FunHouse 2.0 Rudy's Nightmare, were just released.

Here's an overview of the rules for the new game from one of the testers, UVAJED on Pinside:

"~ Funhouse 2.0 .. Rudy's Nightmare ~

~ Overview ~

- Rudy is having nightmares, nightmares within nightmares, maybe hearing voices, and seems to have potentially multiple personalities?!?

- In order to save Rudy from these horrible dreams, we all need to get through his bad dreams together; so we can bring him back to his 'normal' crazy fun self

- However, in order to do this; we need to acquire some super sweet flipping skills, and, have patience at the same time

~ Objective ~

- Get through all of Rudy's nightmares and modes to get to the wizard mode to "Defeat Evil Rudy" and wake him up...if you can!!!

~ How to ~

- Hit all targets, shoot all lanes, ,scoop, ramp, etc, to collect minutes and have some awesome fun along your journey with Rudy

- Some shots will collect more minutes than others, so chose your shots wisely (risk and reward)

- Once enough minutes are collected, the clock goes to 12 (audible sounds also) and the mini display is lit to start a mode and open the trap door...etc ...more minutes than needed will carry over to help light the next mode

- Play through each mode and skill shot etc, and collect as many points as you can on your way to waking Rudy up

- Cycle through the entire mirror and play all modes to get to the Wizard Mode in order to "Try" to Defeat Evil Rudy (super flippin' skills ONLY apply here)

~ Modes shots focus ~

- Duck Hunt = Ramp

- Hot Dog Combat = Superdog

- Don't You Want a Balloon = Jets and Pop Bumpers

- Rudy and the MonKiss = All targets (Jets collect fast hits to collect the other band members so you can join)

- Evil Clones = Rudy mouth hits

- Melt THE Clone = Shoot the S.T.E.P.'s targets to open Step's Ramp then Shoot ramp then plunge into lit switch (switch difficulty increases each time)

- Nightmare Multiball = (Right after Melt THE Clone) Lock 3 balls in the Hidden Hallway then Shoot the Trapdoor (Jackpot) then shoot Rudy's open mouth (Super Jackpot) and repeat if you can!! HUGE points here, AND available throughout the ENTIRE game. Good luck locking 3 balls to start Nightmare Multiball though

- Scoop Shots = Random Mystery awards

-E.g. Hurry up & Hide (mini mode) = Hit Mirror and Wind tunnel, scoop, or trapdoor to collect the decreasing Jackpot as fast as you can. (The scoop has other awards also)

-Gobble Hole = Advance Steps and Decrease difficulty of Melt the Clone after the 1st time

- Defeat Evil Rudy = Follow the sequence of specific shots by following the on screen instructions. If you can complete it, and defeat him, you have most excellent flipping skills

~ Side Modes and Stacking ~

- If you have enough minutes collected to start another mode ... Duck Hunt, Don't You Want a Balloon, Hot Dog Combat ... can be carried over and stacked into other modes; such as Evil Clones etc.

- What this means is if you are already playing Duck Hunt and start Evil Clones, by hitting the mirror while it's lit, Evil Clones starts but you can still get points from hitting the ramp for Duck Hunt...and it's game on and huge rewards! It also feels like a wizard mode, especially if you can get Duck Hunt, Hot Dog Combat etc going first

-Once the last mode started is drained and timed out, Duck Hunt etc continues playing with its countdown

- Callouts will happen to remind you that there are other modes running, with other shot reminders, while Evil Clones etc...that you and Rudy remember that are still having a nightmare and need to wake up soon...just in case you forget.

- There's more fun than meets they eye here, easter eggs and fireworks everywhere, so have FUN and good luck!!! "

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