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Two New Rumors About Upcoming Pinball Machines

This sure has been a fun couple of weeks for news about pinball. Let's keep the train rolling this morning with two brand new rumors about upcoming titles. Yesterday the pinball personality or French pinball social media star (I never know what to call people), Paris Pinball Addict, reported the following on his Facebook page:

Exclusive: The next Pinball Brothers pinball will be a musical pinball based on a famous European band. Release January - March 2024 This is where you'll hear it here 1st!

I've reported on the timing for the release of Pinball Brothers' next game before here, so that's not really new, but the theme is. Previously all that I knew from conversations with the folks at Pinball Brothers was that their third pinball machine was a licensed game. Now we're hearing that it's based on a "famous European band." Hmmmm.

I Googled "The Best European bands of all time" a second ago. The first article that popped up had a list of the Top 10 European bands, so I was like "Oh Cool. Perfect." This is how the list started off:

1. The Rolling Stones

2. The Beatles

3. Roxette

HAHA. Needless to say I stopped at Band 3. I'm not saying that "It Must Have Been Love" multiball and a "Listen to Your Heart" Wizard Mode wouldn't be epic, but I'm not sure that a Roxette pin would sell lol. Anyone have any guesses as to what band it might be?

The other pinball rumor this morning comes from Kaneda's Pinball Podcast. In his latest episode of the show, he reported that American Pinball's next title is based upon the popular video game franchise Cuphead. For those of you who are not familiar with Cuphead, the 2017 video game for home consoles and PC is a platformer that has very cool cartoon-like graphics. Below are a video and a couple of screenshots from the game.

After we saw the He-Man figurines in the parts pile at the American Pinball factory, I was kind of hoping that Masters of the Universe was next from AP. I think that theme would be a huge hit for them if done right. So what does everyone think about Cuphead?

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