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Two Super Rare Head-to-Head Pinball Machines Recently Hit the Market

When I see something cool related to the hobbies that we all love, pinball and arcade machines, I share it here. This certainly qualifies as far as I'm concerned. It's unusual that I come across a game that I've never seen before. Well, how about two? Today I came across two super rate head-to-head pins, both of which happen to have been recently for sale.

The first one is about as rare as it gets, one of three ever made. It's a Disney "First Toon to the Moon" machine. Apparently the games were custom made by Skee-Ball using Williams and Data East pinball parts for Disney for use in its park arcades. In the game, two players play pinball simultaneously in an effort to help their character, either Captain Mickey or Captain Donald, land on the moon first. This thing is wild. I've definitely never seen one before. As I mentioned, this game is currently for sale up on Facebook Marketplace for $9,900.

The second game is a 1952 electromechanical horseracing head-to-head pinball game by Williams called "Horsefeathers." This machine was up for sale on Pinside a month or so ago. It was listed at $16,500 and is now Archived. I have no idea how many of these were made or if this particular machine sold for that price. What I do know is that it's really cool and again I have never seen one before.

If anyone knows anything more about either of these games or better yet has played them, I'd love to hear about it. Let us know.

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