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UNICO USA Announces Pricing and Pre-Order Date for New Nova Blast Candy Cab

This morning UNICO USA officially announced the pricing and the pre-order date for its brand new Nova Blast Candy Cab arcade cabinet.

The machine's top part that can be used as a desktop unit is priced at $999. The metal base with a coin mech (which would be a must for me) will cost an additional $299, making the full cabinet $1,199. Two stools that are the correct height for the cabinet can be purchased for $249 total.

Pre-orders begin on UNICO USA's website this Wednesday, 12/20.

To provide some perspective on the size of the Nova Blast cabinet, here are its dimensions compared to an OG Astro City Candy Cab. Other than the wwight, they are very similar...


Astro - 29.53”

Nova - 25.98”


Astro - 35.63”

Nova - 25.2”


Astro - 56.89”

Nova - 61.42”


Astro - 205lbs

Nova - 110.23lbs

There's no word yet on how many of these UNICO is producing in its initial batch, though I do recall that the numbers for the first runs of the Company's Phoenix replacement arcade LCD monitors were limited.

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