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Dutch Pinball Bride of Pinbot 2.0 Kits are Back

The rarely available Bride of Pinbot 2.0 upgrade kits are on sale again in limited quantities. Dutch Pinball unexpectedly did another small run of them.

The Austrian distributor RS-Pinball GmbH currently has the kit in stock on its website for 2,350, which currently translates to around $2,650 USD. . They may be available from other distributors as well.

The upgrade kit fits on an existing 1991 Williams Bride of Pinbot. Some of the game’s new features include:

  • Completely new rule sheet

  • 3-Ball multiballs and wizard mode

  • Wheel awards become unique wheel modes

  • 3D animations on a color display

  • Full stereo music and SFX

  • The original voice of the ‚Bride‘

  • Player profiles, high score tracking & trophies

  • Easy to switch to the original game

The upgrade kit includes:

  • Dutch Pinball software

  • Mini-PC

  • P-ROC controller board

  • New speaker panel

  • Color Display

  • High fidelity speaker set

  • 2.1 Amplifier

  • Cables & miscellaneous

If you’ve never seen the kit in action before, make sure to check out this cool tutorial that Buffalo Pinball did on it a while ago.

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