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Update on Ice Cold Beer Remake Arcade Machine Production

A couple of months ago I wrote here about a company called Retro Arcade Remake that is in the process of recreating Taito's iconic classic arcade machine Ice Cold Beer. With the initial shipping date estimate come and gone I thought that I'd provide everyone with an update.

The pinball and arcade distributor Tilt Amisements is bringing several prototype Ice Cold Beer units to its booth at the upcoming Louisville Arcade Expo, which takes place this weekend - March 10th through the 12th. This will be the game's first appearance at a distributor's booth at a show.

Mass production of the new Ice Cold Beers has begun. A number of cabinets have already been built, but Retro Arcade Remake is still waiting for a back ordered component to complete them. They expect the final piece to arrive soon, after which shipping will commence.

Below are links to the websites for the Louisville Arcade Expo and Retro Arcade Remake websites:

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