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Update on Turner Pinball's Ninja Eclipse; Revamped Cabinet, Pricing, Pictures & More

We're coming up on the 2024 Texas Pinball Festival (March 15-17 in Frisco, Texas), which is the home show for Texas' Turner Pinball. Turner has taken the feedback that it has been given on its debut game, Ninja Eclipse, at both last year's TPF and Chicago Pinball Expo, and incorporated it into a new and improved machine.

Ninja Eclipse machines now come with a conventional cabinet and coin door. The First Edition machines will also include Purple Sparkle Powder Coat, a Premium Sound Package and interior art blades for a new price of $6,994.

Production of Ninja Eclipse is limited to 100 "First Edition" machines. A $1,000 deposit is required for ordered machines. That money is fully refundable if Turner has not notified the customer that their machine is ready to ship within 12 months of the deposit date.

Any future Ninja Eclipse games that are produced beyond the initial 100 will be "Arcade Edition" machines that do automatically not include some of the premium features.

The game itself is comprised of eight Boss Modes, eight Skill Trees, four Mini-Modes and two Wizard Modes. This code will be fully complete when machines start to ship in the Fall of 2024.

Below are a ton of pictures of Ninja Eclipse and an embedded video of Chris Turner talking about the game's new cabinet and price.

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Very, very cool game.....fresh layout, and excellent fleshed out rules. What a great sophomore outing. Congratulations!


We enjoyed playing it at Expo. By that time though it was beat the hell up in some areas. I'm assuming they addressed some quality issues after. This looks soooo much better, and at a great price point!


I hope all the people commenting about the "Value" of the BBQ pin at $7K lend the same deference to turner. This one actually looks nice.


Yes! Excellent news for Turner. Amazing how the package something comes in changes so much about it. I was in the audience at Expo at their presentation and most folks told them to simply put it in a normal cabinet and stop trying fix what ain't broke. The game play is great, but you go to nudge and you would have tossed their zizzle-looking cabinet across the room.


Mar 12

Looks better than BBQ. Interesting its in a Stern cabinet

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