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Video of Stern Pinball's New James Bond Topper in Action & a Closeup of the Playfield Screen

This afternoon video of the topper for Stern Pinball's new James Bond Pinball machine in action was uploaded to YouTube by the distributor who also brought the machine to the Consumer Electronics Show, Orange County Pinballs. While the topper comes standard on the 60th Anniversary Limited Edition version of James Bond, I believe that the exact same topper will also eventually be for sale for Stern's regular versions of James Bond.

Apparently there was a gameplay video of the 60th game in action up on this YouTube channel at one point as well, but it has since been removed, most likely at Stern's request. According to people who saw the video (I missed the window to see it because I was swamped with work) the small video screen in the playfield is mostly instructional, telling players where to shoot rather than playing clips from the Bond movies at this point. That may or may not change as the code progresses. I have included a screen capture of the playfield screen from the original video below.

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