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Wait for New Multimorphic Pinball Machine Now 1 Year; Still Aiming for 2 New Games in 2023

First and foremost, congrats to Multimorphic's Gerry Stellenberg and his wife Sarah on their new baby boy! Earlier today while I was out playing pinball, Gerry sent a detailed business update on Multimorphic. Here's the highlights:

The company's manufacturing team had continued to produce games at a steady, uninterrupted pace since the last update. Despite this, Multimorphic is still approximately 10-12 weeks behind its original estimates for shipping new P3 orders. The wait time for a new order placed today is approx twelve months.

The Company will be conducting a Live Q&A session go game owners who have questions that they would like answers next week, at 2pm Central Time on Thursday Dec. 29 aon Twitch,

As Multimorphic mentioned in its last update, it is planning to release two full game kits with new playfield modules in 2023.  These new games, when combined with the new third party game Drained and the five existing modules will bring the number of P3 playfield modules to an emoressive eight. That's not mentioning the downloadable mini-games for the P3, which is plans to release more of going forward.

P.S. Thanks to Rob for driving while I wrote this on my phone on the way home from the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, NJ.

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