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Watch Warren Buffett Play Pinball at this Amazing Pinball Candy Store

I'm familiar with most major pinball locations in the United States, so yesterday when someone brought this amazing location to my attention in the comments of one of my posts (I lost it so I apologize for not mentioning your name) I was absolutely blown away. Hollywood Candy is an amazing-looking "One-of-a-Kind Candy and Variety Store" in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to an extensive pinball collection, the place features a humongous selection of candy and other sweets, a soda shop / diner, a record store and even a tiny movie theatre. According to my count, Hollywood Candy has an astonishing 46 pinball machines, including a number of older EMs that you won't see at many locations. I have included a game list at the end of this article.

When I make my dream cross-country arcade and pinball road trip someday, Hollywood Candy is absolutely on my list of destinations. The video tour below, featuring Bill Gates and Warren Buffett really shows off the location. Did you know, that Buffett, one of America's richest men, got his start in business fixing and routing pinball machines? That's a true story that he tells mid-video. In addition to the video, here's a bunch of pictures of this cool, unique arcade. Check them out at their website below, or better yet, in-person.