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Heist and Weird Al’s Hidden Secret

By all accounts, Multimorphic's public debut of its new Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity debut at the recent Texas Pinball Festival was a roaring success. Lines to play the game were around the proverbial block. Everyone had fun with the game and the units that the company had on the floor seemed to hold up very well to the rigors of constant play, which isn't always the case for brand new games. Even Juggernauts like Stern pinball experienced magnets overheating in games during the initial days of the company's wildly successful Godzilla launch.

With the games on the floor at TPF, I was able to look at pictures of the P3 machines from different angles than I have seen so far in the company's official photos. When examining them closely, I noticed one thing that I don't believe I have seen mentioned before. To paraphrase Paul Revere "The Cameras Are Coming! The Cameras Are Coming!" If one looks very closely at the top of the head of the P3 machines that were on the floor at TPF, there certainly appears to be a small circle where a camera can be installed in the game's head and film players. Of course, this could be nothing or a vent or something like that, but it sure looks like a spot for a camera to me.

After noticing this and looking into it, it appears as though Multimorphic will launch a camera module for P3 machines in the future. Supposedly, this camera will allow people who are playing games on-line against other P3 owners, such as Cosmic Cart Racing, to see and interact with each other during play. How cool is that? This adds an entirely new interactive and social aspect to P3 games that other pins won't have. Again, this is all speculation based upon seeing the pictures from the show and sniffing around a little bit. If this is true though, it is very exciting news for already happy P3 owners and people who have ordered machines.

Here's what appears to be the camera spot on a pic taken early on in the show.

Later on, it almost looks like someone may have been trying to hide the camera on the new machines with a pool noodle...

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