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While Circus Maximus Kingpin Pinball Project Stalls, Some Collectors Make Their Own

Many people had been hoping that the folks at Circus Maximus would provide an update on their long-running project to bring Mark Ritchie’s lost 1996 Capcom pinball machine to life at the recent Southern Fried Gaming Expo. Alas, there was no word from the team at the event. Some pinballers have taken the matter into their own hands and have decided to make their own Kingpins.

I’ve been following one particular Kingpin build in a thread over on Pinside, where over the past year a member named “TomDK” is very close to accomplishing the feat of building his own Kingpin for his pinball collection. The progress that has been made on this build is amazing. The game is now 90% complete. Following his journey and the trial and error of building a Kingpin nearly from scratch has been super cool. Keep in mind that this is not a commercial project, just a game for an avid collector's personal use.

Here’s a link to the Pinside thread that contains the entire journey of this particular remake and links to a few YouTube videos of the project:

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