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Williams Whirlwind Coming to Zen Studios Pinball FX on Thursday

Last week Zen Studios announced that it will air a new episode of its "Pinball Bites" web show this coming Thursday, June 8th during which it will unveil three new tables for its Pinball FX platform. Two of the new tables will be new original ones for game and one of them is slated to be a Williams remake.

This afternoon, Zen shared a sneak peek at the new Williams table on its Twitch channel. The new Williams game that's coming to Pinball FX Thursday is none other than the 1990 classic Whirlwind. Interestingly, Whirlwind has been in the pinball news quite a bit lately between this and the new Pedretti Gaming release of a 2.0 expansion kit for the original pinball machine.

You can bet that I will be buying Whirlwind at launch and playing the heck out of it on my new Steam Deck. Despite its massive (relatively speaking) memory requirement, Pinball FX plays pretty well on the Deck if you turn the graphics quality down. It's much more convenient for me to play on the deck while resting on the couch with my family after a long day than to play it sitting up in the other room by myself on a PC.

I found out about the sneak peek stream just in time to grab a quick picture of it for everyone. Zen also released a puzzle on its Discord page today that gives clues for all three upcoming tables. As I mentioned, the first column refers to Whirlwind, the third column seems to refer to some sort of ninja theme. I'm not sure to guess for the other original theme in the middle column though. Time travel maybe? Any guesses?

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I'd guess original themes of Around the World in 80 Days and generic samurai game. Maybe Ghosts of Tsushima

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