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Yes, Stern Pinball James Bond 60th Has Real Score Reels in the Backbox

Ever since the initial pictures of the limited James Bond 60th Anniversary pinball machine leaked, people have been wondering whether the game will have real old-school scoring reels in the backbox or if it just had a standard Stern Pinball LCD with video of reels. A little while ago the game's designer, Keith Elwin, put that debate to rest by sharing the following picture.

The game's production team actually discussed the reels and how while they retail a retro look they have been upgraded using more modern parts in a recent Stern podcast:

"These aren't like the score reels we used in the past. These are much more powerful and faster. Mark's done some pretty good emulating, making them look like actual score reels. Then we do stuff like the slot machine effect with them, which is really cool too for the match. I think he's been having a lot of fun with those...

No, we went back and forth with the score reels, even though they look like old school, they're modern stepper motors. We went back and forth a lot with what motor controller will give us the most accurate, the strongest pulse with the reels. And how quickly can we move them? How quickly can we stop them? What is as close as we can get to the old mechanism, but still using modern parts that people can service and take care of and will work accurately. We've got the reels on test. I think I was there yesterday and I'm at 4 million steps on the score reels going on test and still going strong. It is very much going to not break like an old game. It'll be a good solid modern game from the underside. It'll just look a little old school here and there."

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