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Zen Pinball Announces new Bally Williams Digital Release & More

Zen Pinball provided an update on its new Pinball FX platform this afternoon. First and foremost, the company revealed its next Bally Williams table release, Williams' 1988 classic Swords of Fury. LIONMAN! I just checked and it appears as though the new table is not available for purchase through the company's old platform, FX3, like the last release, Indiana Jones, was. At least it's not on my Nintendo Switch, which is disappointing.

Swords of Fury will cost 60 tickets, which is essentially $6.00. Zen will release a brand new Williams table next month.

In other new content news, Zen announced that it has reached an agreement with Toho and Universal to create three brand new Monsterverse for Pinball FX. One will likely be based on Godzilla and one on King Kong.

Beyond new tables, Zen stated that it is revising the ticket system that is uses to sell tables on its new platform. It will now provide users with a "Build your Bundle" discount for multiple purchases within a brand and for the quantity of tables purchased at one time.

Last but not least, Zen also announced the launch of cabinet mode in Pinball FX in today's update. Cabinet Mode is free during the software's Early Access period. After that is over, cabinet mode will be available on a "Pay What You Want" basis both on-line and off-line.

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