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Zen Studios Hints that Next Pinball FX Table is Addams Family

This Thursday, December 8th, at 1:00 PM EST Zen Studios will are its latest episode of its regular virtual pinball series "The Pinball Show." The company aired a teaser for the program earlier today that dropped a strong hint that they will be announcing that the Addams Family is their next digital table for its new Pinball FX virtual pinball platform.

The question is, will it be based on one of the newer Addams family movies, such as the 2019 cartoon or the new Netflix show "Wednesday." Or will it be based upon the best selling pinball machine of all-time, Bally's 1992 Pat Lawlor classic The Addams Family?

I sure hope that it's the latter. The Bally pinball machine is fantastic and would be an instant buy. I have heard rumors that Raul Julia's estate is strongly opposed to any new Addams Family content being made using him as Gomez Addams. However, I have no firsthand knowledge that is actually true and money talks, so you never know.

I own every single table on the company's previous FX3 platform on my Nintendo Switch, but the newest iteration of the game is not yet available on any platform but on PC through the Epic game store. I can't wait for Zen to roll out Pinball FX on the Switch. As soon as they do, I'll buy every new table they have released since Williams Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (which was the last game on FX3). Bally Addams would be an amazing get for the company and a fantastic choice for their next virtual table. Kudos to them if they got it. We'll see on Thursday.

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